I use a number of methods to make deciduous trees. This one is probably the easiest and least fiddly!

First here is what you will need:


And of course:


You also need a pin vice and some small drill bits.

You could use any flock you like. I preferWoodland Scenics because it is easily obtainable from most railway and modelling shops. The super glue is the medium viscosity. I use a pair of pliers to cut the wire and two pairs to pull the wire through the rubberised horse hair.

It can be difficult to source the horse hair. Try furniture upholsterers. They can be rathetr helpful and while they also use foam they would have access to a supplier.

The twigs are best collected in the Autumn or Winter. This is because new growth is soft and too pliable for trees.

First cut the twig flush and flat at the branch and trunk ends. Then, using the pin vice, drill into the branch ends and glue a long length of wire into the branch ends, with the super glue.


Next pull a clump of horsehair out of the slab and pull any straight sides out, getting rid of any straight edges. Thread the wire through the horsehair and push it as far down to the branch as possible.


Take the protruding length of wire and using the pliers loop it round and back into the horsehair. Continue looping it through until there is none left. With each loop pull the wire tight which will alter the shape of the horsehair. Try to aim to make a tree shape. Continue doing this untl all the branches are full.


Next the horsehair has to be sprayed matt black. This is to give depth to the tree and if any flock does come off the colour of the horsehair does not show through. Mask off the trunk with newspaper and masking tape.


Then spray, outdoors and away from anything that you dont want black! Remove the masking tape.


When the paint is dry, cover liberally in PVA. Not so much that its all continually dripping off the horsehair. Scatter the darker flock onto the horsehair and ensure that no PVA is still showing through the flock. Allow to dry. Next apply another very liberal layer of PVA over the existing flock, concentrating on the high points. This is to represent recent new growth on the tree. Once this is all dry then spray all the flock with matt varnish. This will secure the flock to the horsehair.

Once this is dry the insert wire into the base of the trunk, this will act as the means of securing the tree to the scenery.


I will describe how to fix trees to scenery in another feature.